06 April 2011

Random Review : My Pre Ordered Item!!

It's been a few month and all the wait finally ends.
The item that I ordered from www.xl-shop.com has come!!!

Feast your eyes my Friend's

I wonder what this is?.. :3

 Close up look at this beauty.

ブラック★ゴールドソー aka Black ★ Gold Saw from Black ★Rock Shooter Series

 Yes, its my very own Figma "Black ★ Gold Saw" or in Japanese ブラック★ゴールドソー (Burakku★Gorudoso).
Here some info of her in Wikia

She look really nice <3
Pale and fierce looking girl, Goodsmile really did well on this one. BTW she has 3 face expression. You can either use sarcastic smile, normal smile or serious face. :3

Look at the detail, her hair look so real.

One of her best feature is her hair.
It has two layer of hair.
Shoulder short top layer (its freakin soft and bendable) and the long wavy hair for the bottom layer (this part is the other way around).

Long hair.
Side view.

Trans color Devils horn, also her main attraction.
I really like her horns.
Its sharp and long horns look just like her predecessor Dead Master.

A little pose. 

Smile :)

Wait!! Whats that?

Is that what I think it is?....

This huge thing is her weapon?..

From the look of it, it is as tall as she is.

The sword was name King Saw. Maybe its because it has a saw on the other side of the blade.

The King Saw sword is light and the it has a lot of scratch on it, a memento of her last fight. Tho I'm not sure who she's been fighting with.

So then I tried to pose it on the stand and I love it. Mainly because the stand was transparent and extra long (great for a mid-air battle scene).

Lets look at some other detail shall we.

I do love the detail on her boot.
Just look at those white stripe, it looks as if her boots was a little worn out.

And her hair is also pose-able.

Remember when I mention about her hair.
Her hair top layer was short and soft, while the bottom layer was hard.
It was made for one reason..

So you can pose it anyway you like.
You can twist and bend her long hair because it also contains Figma joints.

It made her hair look like been blown by the wind.

That's all for today. I have to put my brand new collection along with the other, going to review them too when i got some free time. Neway. Toodles